The David Wells & Chris Geith Project – No Side Effects – Review

No Side EffectsAlthough this album was released in the UK back in March I have to give my verdict on it as it doesn’t seem to have had many reviews to date. I find this very strange as the first single ‘Never Giving Up’ has had significant airplay and features in the Top 20 in a number of Jazz charts.

David Wells, a celebrated trumpeter with 12 prior albums to has name, teams up with Chris Geith a phenomenally talent keyboardist who has 3 prior albums and a whopping 1.4million downloads to his credit – the result? The David Wells & Chris Geith Project and a humdinger of an album entitled ‘No Side Effects’

I’ve got to tell you that this is a seriously smooth collaboration that is awesomely produced and hugely uplifting.

The musical arrangement is nothing short of stunning. Each track produced to give maximum pleasure to your ear drums.

“No Side Effects’ is very melodic and has Soul, Jazz, Funk & Classical overtones. Each track is a pleasure to be honest.

Stand out tracks for me are the single ‘Never Giving Up’ the title track ‘No Side Effects’ and the fantastic interpretation of a beautiful classical piece ‘Adagio in G Minor’ which was written by Remo Giazotto inspired by some long lost manuscripts believed to be penned by 18th century Venetian composer Tomaso Albinoni.

I also loved the  duo’s interaction on ‘We’ve Got You Covered’ - a perfect marriage of Piano and trumpet.

There are a total of 11 tracks on the album – none too short or too long and thankfully devoid of any 30 second intro/outro nonsense which seems to be all the rage with some these days.

To me this is one of the albums of the year to date and I hope it is the first of many from the David Wells & Chris Geith Project. I encourage you to go out and buy it or sit at home and download it.

I have one issue with this album – the title is seriously misleading – there is a huge ‘Side Effect’ as it will leave you completely chilled, in fact it is one of the most pleasurable, uplifting and smooth albums I’ve heard in a long time. So much so that it is liable to make you go and hug that ugly neighbour who allows her dog to use your prized Bay tree as a toilet!


OK, just me then…..

‘No Side Effect’ by The David Wells & Chris Geith Project is released on the Timeless World Productions Label and is available to download from iTunes, Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “The David Wells & Chris Geith Project – No Side Effects – Review

  1. Great Review Tony!
    I picked this review up from Facebook off a smooth jazz page so I clicked the link to discover this great site.
    I’ve listen to the programme too – my wife says its a lovely listen and she don’t like my stuff.
    Keep up the great and at times comical writing I’m gonna spread the love for smoothandsoulful

  2. It’s DW I just want to give a quick shout out for an awesome review. First, I want to thank you for taking the time out to listen to the new CD. Secondly, Thanks for the awesome review!

  3. Wow, that was an awesome review. I too downloaded the album ‘No Side Effects’ by David Wells and Chris Geith, just after listening to one track – the Adagio in G Minor – one of my all-time favorite classical pieces. I was so impressed that I didn’t think twice before rushing to Itunes to download the album. And I was not disappointed. This is indeed smooth and soulful, – my favorite tracks being of course, the Adagio, No side effects, Never Giving Up and the extremely beautiful ‘Age of Innocence’. Hope to hear many more collaborations from these two extremely gifted musicians.

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